Recruiting Adults
Posted On: 2009-11-23

The Cubmaster is the center of the skit. He or she goes to center stage while another adult "runs the show." This adult begins by introducing the Cubmaster and explaining the important role he/she plays. This is emphasized by handling over a dozen eggs—fragile, young charges. Then the fun begins.  The talker continues to explain that the Cubmaster also has other responsibilities, especially as there isn't enough adult support to make things happen.  Depending on the open positions and just how much you want to drive home the point, either use only the open positions or use a bunch of different positions.  For each "job," the talker hands over a symbol of the task described.

Some examples that are fun.
Position Symbol
Den Leader Coach Large whistle
Treasurer Cash box
Secretary Paper & pencil
Ride Coordinator Barbie car
Advancement Chair Large badges on cardboard
PR person Camera

I think you get the picture. Anyway, after overflowing the Cubmaster with all sorts of jobs, the talker stops and says "Unless you help, he's going to drop those eggs." Then he/she starts taking the symbols from the Cubmaster and hands them out to the people in

the assembly. The last time we did this, the people who had been given the symbols came up after the meeting expecting and accepting that they had been given these new jobs! I tell you, this works!




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