Passport Leader Recognition
Posted On: 2019-05-29

A leader's "thank you ceremony" in February at the Blue and Gold Banquet is a nice "mid-term" shot in the arm for leaders, who at this point are starting to get tired and may be wondering if anyone realizes all the hard work they've been putting in. This should not replace an end-of-year ceremony, but will do wonders to motivate and inspire your leadership team, at a time when there is often a lull in momentum.

PREPARATION: This ceremony has most impact if it is kept a surprise. So, the Cubmaster or Pack Planning Chairperson should do the prep. Agree on a nice little something to give each den leader as part of the presentation. Maybe a discount movie certificate, or a Cub Scout bookmark, or a small, handwritten "thank you" note, perhaps including a promise to have the boys wash his or her car.

(Obviously, to have the boys participate in the gift, you will need a parent in each den to coordinate.

This can be difficult, but would really make for a special surprise for the leader.)

Once you've agreed on what little notion you'll give the leaders, make each one a Passport award certificate book. Just replace the inside "Visa" pages with a special thank you note. Also, this is where you can attach (paper clip, tape, or staple) a coupon, voucher for a free Cub Scout car wash, bookmark or other 2-dimensional gift!

Now that the preparation is done, you're ready for the pomp and circumstance...

CUBMASTER: What is a passport? It's a document that countries require you to have before you cross their borders. Without a passport, you can't leave America. You might say a passport unlocks the mystery and adventure that awaits you, as you explore new lands.

In our Pack every boy has a passport. I'll bet you didn't know that. But it's true. Each one of you has a passport without which; the doors of Cub Scouting would be closed, and you would not be able to have all the fun, and adventure, and excitement that we have year after year.

Our passport to fun and excitement is our leaders. They are truly the lifeblood of our Pack and without them, we could not experience the fun and learning of Cub Scouts. So, let's take a moment to say thanks to our leaders. We've prepared these passports for you, to unlock excitement and fun as a way of showing our appreciation for all the sacrifices you've made to make our Scouting experience better.

DEN1 boys and parents please stand.

ASST CM: Thanks for being such a great leader, we'd like you to have this gift to say thanks for all the things you do to make this den and our pack great! Boys, let's hear a wolf howl for Mr./Mrs. [name]!!!!!

CUBMASTER: DEN 2 boys and parents please stand. [Repeat until last den leader has been presented his/her Passport]

CUBMASTER: Thanks Leaders for being our passports to the excitement and adventure of Cub Scouts! How about a big round of applause for all of our Leaders!!!!




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