Pack Leader Toast
Posted On: 2009-11-23

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, committee chairman, unit commissioner or chartered organization representative could act as narrator

EQUIPMENT: Toast-painted Styrofoam; Knot-rope tied in a knot; Ruler-a ruler; for-large number 4; lettuce-green crepe paper rose; Glad-box of Glad Bags; Stick-a stick; Pledge-can of Pledge Wax; hand-audience stands and applauds; a table to hold props.

SETTING: Narrator at front of room facing audience with table of props in order.

NARRATOR: (Call forward the people of be recognized.)

I would like to offer the leaders of our pack a TOAST. Here's to you! Without your leadership abilities, time and energy, our pack would KNOT exist.

As RULERS of our group, your responsibilities are many, such as recruiting Cub Scout leaders, planning den and pack meetings, and planning activities and encouraging participation FOR the success of the pack.

LETTUCE assure you that your hard work does not go unnoticed. We appreciate all your efforts. To let you know that we are GLAD to STICK by you, we PLEDGE you our support. Whenever you need our help, we will give you a HAND.

Another Fun Recognition

Another fun recognition can be done with Candy wrappers. Collect different wrappers and write your own script. Such as LIFE SAVER, PAYDAY, ALMOND JOY, or a SUCKER. The list goes on and on, just use your imagination.



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