Leader Recognition at Camp
Posted On: 2021-07-22

Here is a very "special" thank you card given to a den leader who was "retiring" because of a new baby.  An actual candy bar was pasted onto the poster board where you see the word bolded in the letter below.  We were surprised to find out there were so many varieties of candy and chocolate bars.  Perhaps you can add some of your own or adapt this to fit those you can find.


You are very SPECIAL and a real LIFESAVER.  I went to 5th AVENUE to LOOK for 100 GRAND but it slipped through my BUTTERFINGER.  You've been the best den leader BAR NONE.  You really SKOR big with me.  I know it's been a ROCKY ROAD because we have been NERDS.  But you have given all of us RASCALS many CHUCKLES and taught us a lot of GOOD STUFF.  Now that you are CAREFREE you can go to the SYMPHONY or visit MARS.  I'm sending MOUNDS of love and a MOUNTAIN of good luck.  I know you and your BIG HUNK will have ALMOND JOY with your new CHICKLETS.  I hope you remember me NOW AND LATER.  Don't MUNCH on too much of this candy or you will get CHUNKY.