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Installing A New Denner And Asst. Denner
Posted On: 2019-05-28

ARRANGEMENT: Three candles are on table, one large and two small ones.

The Den Leader lights the large one and says, "This light is our guiding light. It shows us the way to follow the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Motto.

The entire den repeats the Promise, Law of the Pack, and the Motto.

The den leader gives one of the small candles to the outgoing denner who lights it from the candle she/he holds.

The outgoing denner then says to the new denner , "Do you accept the light to help show the way to the den members? You will be responsible for always giving a good example, helping the den leader in every

way, and in leading our den."

New denner accepts the candle and gives his promise to do his best.

The den leader gives the second candle to the former assistant denner who lights it from the leaders' candle.

He then says to the new assistant, "Do you accept the light to show the way to the den? You must give a good example, be prepared to take over the position of denner in his absence, help the denner and den leader, and be keeper of the Den Diary?"

The new assistant accepts the candle and promises to "Do My Best."

Den gives their den yell as the candles are blown out.


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