Den Leader Induction And Parent's Welcome
Posted On: 2021-07-22


Cubmaster, retiring den leader, incoming den leader, den chief, den members, and den parents (one to act as spokesperson).

Den leader job description card, den leader badge.

Cubmaster: At this time I would like to have the parents of the Cub Scouts in Den [number] come forward as I call their names. (Calls names. Cubmaster forms parents in a semicircle around himself) Now, will [name], the retiring den leader of Den [number] come forward. (Does so.) Ladies and gentlemen, it is with deep regret that [name] is forced to give up leadership as a den leader. I wish to thank and congratulate [name] for the wonderful work that has been accomplished with this den. (Cubmaster shakes hands with retiring den leader and asks him or her to take a place in the semicircle.) Now, will the new den leader of Den [number], [name], please join us? [Name], do you accept the position of den leader of Den [number]?

Den Leader: Yes.

Cubmaster: Will you accept your leadership responsibility with patience and understanding?

Den Leader: Yes.

Cubmaster: With the parents of the boys you will lead and the den leader in whose footsteps you will follow acting as witnesses, will you repeat after me this promise: I [name] ... promise to do my best ... to help the members of my den ... to help other people and to obey the Law of the Pack.

Representative: [Name], as a spokesperson for the parents of the Cub Scouts in Den [number], we thank you for accepting this leadership of our neighborhood boys and pledge to you our cooperation. Let us know whenever we can be of help to you.

Cubmaster: Let me congratulate you and present to you your den leader badge and a card describing your duties. I pledge to you my cooperation in helping you in your new responsibilities. (Den chief may lead den in a grand howl for the retiring and incoming den leaders.)