Den Chief Welcome To The Pack
Posted On: 2019-05-27

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, den/Webelos leaders, new Den Chiefs

EQUIPMENT: Den Chief cord and Den Chief book for each new Den Chief, table

SETTING: Cubmaster and appropriate den/Webelos leaders in front of room facing audience, table with cords and books behind him.

CUBMASTER: We have some new leaders here tonight whom we want to welcome into the pack. These leaders will be the activities assistants in their dens. They will lead games, teach songs, help with ceremonies and skits, and bring with them special Scouting skills and be anxious in passing them on to their dens. These new leaders are our Den Chiefs.

(Call the new Den Chiefs forward and introduce them to the dens they will be working with.)

These Scouts will not only serve as invaluable assistants in their dens and our pack, they are also charged with the bigger responsibility of serving as models for all our Cub Scouts. They will be living examples of the Scout Oath and Law. They will be teacher and friend.

Den Chiefs, will you repeat after me:

I____, will do my best

to help the Cub Scouts

of this pack

to do their best.

CUBMASTER: Congratulations! As a representative of pack I present you with a Den Chief Handbook and ask your den leader to award you with your Den Chief cord.



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