Den Chief Recognition - Blue & Gold Totem
Posted On: 2009-11-23

After a new den chief has been appointed and inducted (in his troop), this ceremony may be used to recognize him in the pack.

Akela (Cubmaster), a Cub Scout, new den chief, an older den chief, den leader.

Two 4-foot lengths of cord: one blue, one yellow, table, copy of Den Chief Handbook.

On Akela's right stands the Cub Scout holding the blue cord; on his left, the older den chief holds the yellow cord. The Den Chief Handbook is on the table.

Akela: Cub Scouts and friends of Pack [number], we wish to recognize a new leader who will serve as den chief of Den [number].

(Reads from a scroll, if necessary.)
I, Akela, chief of the Webelos tribe, pondered long into the night who should lead the young Cub Scouts of our pack. An important council was held with the Scoutmaster, chief of our older brothers, to choose this important leader. Now, we call to our council the chosen one, Scout [name] of Troop [number]. (Points to blue cord.) This blue totem represents the Cub Scout pack with all it's Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents - also the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack.

This gold totem (points to yellow cord) represents the Scout troop, its leaders, the Scout Oath and Law.

You will notice the cords are made up of many strands, representing all the boys in the troop and pack. Let us bind together these cords into a bond of friendship. (The Cub Scout and the older den chief grasp either end of the two cords and twist in opposite directions.) You now see these symbols become the totem of the den chiefs office. This is known as the den chiefs cord. You will notice that our new den chief is wearing this shoulder cord encircling his left sleeve. This badge of office was presented to him in his troop in recognition of his new position as an officer of his troop. (To new den chief.) And now we of Pack [number], in recognition of your high office and the important service you will be rendering your troop and your pack, want to present to you this Den Chief Handbook in the presence of your new friends. (Hands book to him and gives Cub Scout handshake.)

When Akela was a boy, he was taken on trips by his chief to learn the ways of the braves to prepare him for the day when he would become a chief. You have now become a chief in Akela's pack. Lead the younger ones that they shall become mighty hunters and honorable Webelos Scouts. Your den leader will be with you to lead the Cub Scouts of your den along the Cub Scout trail. Den Leader [name], will you stand by your ves him the grand howl and all return to places. The new den chief sits with the den.)  




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