Den Chief Re-Pledge
Posted On: 2019-05-27


MATERIALS: Appreciation certificate for each Den Chief

CUBMASTER: Cub Scouting is different than Boy Scouting. Like Boy Scouting, it has its games, crafts, advancements, and good will projects. The difference is in the type of activities that boys 7-10 years old like to do. The person who knows these activities best is one who has been a Cub.

It is the job of the den chief to help lead den activities that will help younger boys to be good Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts, and eventually, good Boy Scouts and Explorers. Den Chiefs set a good example by being both a leader and a friend.

Tonight we would like to recognize those who serve our pack as den chiefs.

(Call names and den numbers of all den chiefs.)

We would like to ask that you re-pledge yourself to your responsibility as den chief. Please repeat the Den Chief's Pledge after me:

I promise to help the Cub Scouts in my den

To the best of my ability;

To encourage, guide, and protect them

In all den and pack activities,

And to show them by my example

What a Boy Scout is.

I will strive to be prompt and dependable,

And to cooperate with the leaders

In carrying out the den program.

As each Cub Scout reaches 9 years of age

Or completes the fourth grade

I will encourage him to join a Webelos den.

As he reaches 11 years of age

I will do all in my power to

Interest him in becoming a Boy Scout.

(Present each den chief with an appreciation certificate.)




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