Den Chief Induction
Posted On: 2021-07-14

Cubmaster, den chief, den leader.


Den chief shoulder cord and patch.


Cubmaster: Cub Scouts and friends of Pack [number], we wish to recognize a new leader who will serve as a den chief in one of our dens. (Calls forward the new den chief and his den leader.) Before the den chief cord is placed on your shoulder, I ask you to pledge your support. Do you promise to help the Cub Scouts in your den to the best of your ability, to encourage, guide, and protect them in all den and pack activities, and show them, by your example, what a Boy Scout can be?


Den Chief: I do.


Cubmaster: Will you strive to be prompt and dependable, and to cooperate with the leaders in carrying out the den program?


Den Chief: I will.


Cubmaster: As each Webelos Scout becomes eligible, will you do all in your power to interest him in becoming a Boy Scout?


Den Chief: I will.


Cubmaster: Den leader, please place the cord on your den chief's left shoulder and present his patch to him. Although this cord has little weight, the job it stands for places a large weight upon his shoulders. This cord also serves to recognize him as an officer in his troop.


Now, we of Pack [number], in recognition of your high office and important service, wish to welcome you and say congratulations.  





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