Bobcat Pin To Mom
Posted On: 2019-05-27

(Each Scout who is wearing his Bobcat pin right-sight up because he has completed 6 good deeds for

his mother will participate in this ceremony. The lights are dimmed and each boy will enter the room in

silence holding a lit candle in one hand and his Bobcat pin in the other. He will find his mother, sister or

grandmother, and escort her to the front of the room. They will both turn and face the audience with the

boy in front).

CUBMASTER: At a previous Pack Meeting, these new Cub Scouts were presented with their first badge as a Cub Scout – the Bobcat badge. To earn that rank, they had to learn the Cub Scout handshake, the Law of the Pack, the meaning of Webelos, the Cub Scout handshake, motto and salute.

During the presentation of his badge, he was also given the Bobcat pin to be worn upside down on his uniform until he had completed 6 good deeds for his mother. When the 6 good deeds were completed, he could then present the pin to his mom at the next Pack Meeting.

Scouts turn and face your mother. (Scouts turn) The pin you are about to give your mother is a way that Scouts say thank you for all that she has done and for what she will do for you as you progress along the Scouting Trail (rides, clean uniform, etc.) The best way to show that appreciation is by sharing something you have earned – the Bobcat pin.

Scouts, pin the Bobcat pin on your mother. (Everyone turns and faces the Cubmaster)

Moms, this pin is presented to you today as a symbol of the sharing of your time, patience and caring that you continue to provide. Without your support, this rank or any of the many ranks to be earned by your son would not be possible. Wear this pin from your son with pride.




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