A Tribute To Teachers
Posted On: 2009-11-23

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster

EQUIPMENT: Certificate of appreciation from the boys for all teachers present.

CUBMASTER: The day will come when you Cub Scouts will recall with laughter and pride the many activities and the amusing incidents that happened at school. Then, more than now, you will appreciate your teachers.

When you were a small boy just entering school your teacher had a handy Kleenex for a runny nose, sympathy to help you struggle with a snowsuit, and patience to grade papers so poorly written she could hardly read them. Throughout your school life you'll find your teachers your best friends.

Your parents are thankful for these selfless people who continue year after year to put up with sniffles, squirmings, stomachaches, spills, and sauciness. You soon learn that for some reason they don't collapse before tears, trifles, fights, excuses, parents who spout, little boys who shout, and little girls who pout. 

Yes, a teacher is somebody who likes somebody else's children yours, and still has time to go to a PTA meeting.

Thank heaven for teachers! I hope all the Cub Scouts and their parents in this pack take time to say thanks to our teachers. Teachers (names) please accept this certificate of appreciation on behalf of the boys of Pack.



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