A Present For Remembrance
Posted On: 2021-07-14


Equipment:  One candle for each person, a cake, small wrapped presents with a letter on the back of each one so that when they are all put together they will spell APPRECIATE (one present will have two Ps on it)


PERSONNEL: Nine boys

On cue, each boy will speak his part, place his candle on the cake, turn the appropriate package, and return to his place in line.

NARRATOR: We gather here today with much anticipation. To extend to our leaders our deep appreciation. For their diligent efforts, we wish to say thanks. For their patience and help as we've come through the ranks. We offer our greeting in a remembrance cake and give them our thank you's for their help on the way.


A is for affection that we feel in our heart,

And with this first candle, the cake I will start.


P is for the patience our leaders have,

May these presents and candles make their hearts glad.


R is for reliable and willing workers,

Here's a candle to those who are far from.


E is for the effort of those who keep trying.


A candle I'll place to keep them from crying.


C stands for cheerful, they never despair,

This candle is added for the smiles that they share.


I is for industrious, they're the busiest yet,

Our leaders make plans and give us their best.


A is for attention to all of our needs,

This candle says thanks for all their kind deeds.


T is for thoughtful, as they are of us all,

For the nice things they do, the big and the small.


E is for enthusiasm, the fun that they make,

I'll add the last candle to complete our cake.