A Little Extra Recognition
Posted On: 2021-07-14


SETTING: Cubmaster reads to the appropriate standing group:

Let's take a few minutes now

To recognize the workers in our pack.

The leaders and the boys,

Who has caught the slack?

Let's stand on our feet,

All the Cubs who made advancement tonight.

And also their parents,

Who has helped them do it right?

Now all those Cubs,

Who arrow points earned

And their parents also

With whose helped they have earned,

Next all the Webelos

Who've earned some badges too,

And the leaders,

Of these hardworking Boys,

As we give them a round of applause,

With lots of cheering noise.

(Everyone applauds for this group after which they are seated. the recognition may be used at any time during the year and you might add special recognition for leaders completing training or serving on Cub Scout day camp.)