Webelos Graduation, The Changing Of The Shirt
Posted On: 2021-07-14


This ceremony in which Webelos Scouts are graduated from the Pack to Boy Scout Troops, involves the whole Pack, including adult leaders. First, call forward the graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents. Next, form two lines (facing each other) as follows: nearest the graduates, pack committee members; then Cub Scout dens with leaders and den chiefs; then Webelos den and leaders. At the far end are Scoutmasters of the troops the boys will join.

As a variation to this ceremony, line everyone up as stated before except have the Webelos den begin a walk from the end opposite the Scoutmasters. As the boys proceed, they begin to remove their Webelos uniform shirt -- only to uncover their Boy Scout uniform shirt. Their Webelos uniform shirt has been taken care of by a designated adult during his (Webelos Scout) walk to be returned to later. At the end of the walk, applause, and congratulations!