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Webelos Graduation Feathers

PROPS: one blue, yellow, and red feather for each boy

CUBMASTER: Through your Webelos activities you have had many opportunities to experience the outdoors, including activities such as Day Camp, camping with your Webelos den and with Boy Scouts. You now know the OUTING is the essences of Scouting.

Now as you complete the transition from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting you will experience more of the outdoors. As you cross over into Boy Scouts you will begin as a Scout and then earn the right to be known as a Tenderfoot. You must learn to walk before you learn to fly. And fly you will as you expand your horizons and build your endurance to someday become an Eagle. An eagle of nature is a creature of God that has learned to be one with the Outdoors and is not satisfied with just watching the world pass by. You are developing to be such a creature of God.

Are you willing to make the commitment to work hard to build your strength and work with your fellow scouts to develop your wings to soar as an eagle? (Scouts says yes)

To encourage you on the trail, here are your first Eagle feathers. The blue feather represents your progress through Cub Scouts and into Webelos. The yellow Eagle feather is for earning the Arrow of Light. Not all Webelos scouts earn the Arrow of Light. The yellow feather represents your first flight over the first steps of Boy Scouting toward the Tenderfoot rank. You are indeed at least two steps ahead of those boys who enter Boy Scouts without progressing through the Webelos program. (Give blue and Yellow feathers to the boy)

As you cross the bridge to Boy Scouting, your Scoutmaster will present you with a red Eagle feather, representing you first step as a Boy Scout toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

Remember these first Eagle feathers as you progress though the hardest years for a young Eagle, the teenage years. You will be pulled in many directions and often lose sight of your objectives. Remember that an Eagle flies above those thing the confront him in order to gain a better perspective. He does not always fly past his problems but does see more clearly the obstacles that confront him. Only in the Outdoors can the Eagle truly arise above his troubles and not lose sight of this objectives.

Go now and join your fellow Scouts who will teach you to walk with tender feed as you develop your strong wings to fly. Go my son, get your education!

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