The Milepost
Posted On: 2021-07-14

Cubmaster, Webelos den chief, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, Scoutmaster, and two Scout aides.

Troop neckerchief for graduate.

Cubmaster: (Addressing audience.) Cub Scouting is part of the great Scouting movement.

In the final months of his Webelos Scouting experience, a boy learns the requirements for the Boy Scout badge. He decides what troop he will join and, with his parents, arranges for his entrance into Boy Scouting. Tonight our pack has the privilege of bringing another Webelos Scout to this significant milepost.

(Addressing den chief.) Den Chief [name], will you escort Webelos Scout [name] and his parents forward. (The Cubmaster greets them.) [Webelos Scout's name] has chosen Troop [number] as his preference. The Scoutmaster of Troop [number], Mr. [name], is here. We will ask him to come forward with his aides. (The Cubmaster introduces the Scoutmaster and his aides to the Webelos Scout, his parents, and the audience.)

[Webelos Scout's name], I remember the night you became a Cub Scout. You and your parents stood in this same spot. That night a whole new world of opportunity was opened to you through Cub Scouting. During the past years, you have experienced that good feeling that comes in giving goodwill to others. Now you have the privilege of becoming a Boy Scout. This ceremony marks the completion of your Cub Scouting, just as it marks the beginning of a whole new experience in Boy Scouting.

[Addressing Scoutmaster] Scoutmaster [name], Pack [number] is proud to present Webelos Scout [name], holder of the Arrow of Light Award. It is our hope and belief that you and your Scouts will provide him the finest opportunity to carry on his Scouting.

Scoutmaster: [Webelos Scout's name], it is a real privilege to welcome you into Troop [number]. As a Boy Scout, you will hike and camp. You will learn many useful things. You will have an opportunity to continue to grow into a useful citizen because you will participate in civic activities and learn the thrill of helping other people by practicing the habit of doing a Good Turn every day.

And now Scouts [name] and [name] will exchange your Webelos Scout neckerchief for our troop neckerchief, a symbol of graduation into Boy Scouting.

(Aides replace the Webelos Scout neckerchief with a Boy Scout neckerchief, give the Scout handclasp, step back, and salute. The graduating Webelos Scout should have been coached to return this salute. The Webelos den chief leads the pack in a yell for the graduate. The Cubmaster dismisses the graduate with a warm handshake, and aides escort the graduate, the Scoutmaster, and the family off the stage.)