The Activities In The Webelos Den
Posted On: 2021-07-14

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos leader, Scoutmaster

EQUIPMENT: Pack totem, table, pack graduation certificate for each candidate

SETTING: After candidates and their parents have been called forward the house lights are turned off, pack totem is on the table.

CUBMASTER: When you boys joined Cub Scouting, you came to us as Bobcats. (lights Bobcat) This was a rank that each of you had to achieve before going any further.

You were a member of a Cub Scout den where you worked on projects that helped develop your skills and mental ability. You made new friends and had lots of fun. (light Wolf) Then you earned the Wolf rank.

When you began working on the Bear rank, you found the achievements harder and more challenging.

That was because you were growing older. (light Bear) Soon you had earned the Bear rank.

Then when you were old enough, you transferred into a Webelos den with (name) as your leader.

WEBELOS LEADER: The activities in the Webelos den were a little different from what you were used to. That's because you were getting ready to be a Boy Scout. (light Webelos) First, you earned your Webelos rank, (light Arrow of Light) and sometime later some of you earned the Arrow of Light award.

(House lights are turned on)

(Reminisce at this point, saying something that each boy has done during the past year.)

Well, you boys didn't stay boys long. Look at you, all of you have grown into fine young men who have left their mark on my heart. I am very proud of you!

CUBMASTER: On behalf of pack ____, I present to you your graduation certificate. Congratulations!

(Hands to each candidate certificate, when they are all handed out, stands back and gives the boys the Cub Scout salute for the last time.)