Order Of The Arrow Four Winds Crossover
Posted On: 2021-07-14


ARRANGEMENT: Allowat, Kitchkinet, and the Four winds stand ready at the back. If outdoors, torchbearers should lead the way to the clearing. Indoors, a storyteller can set the appropriate mood before the ceremonialists enter. Kitchkinet enters the clearing and taps the Cubmaster/MC on the shoulder three times. The Cubmaster/MC responds with one tap, followed by two taps.)

KITCHKINET: Cubmaster (name), my tribesmen have arrived to perform the Arrow of Light and Cross-over Ceremonies. May we enter your Council circle?

CUBMASTER: You and your brothers are welcome in our circle, Kitchkinet.

(Kitchkinet leaves the circle and returns with the other ceremonialists.)

ALLOWAT: I am Allowat Sakima, the mighty chief. I have led my tribesmen in a long journey from our camp to this place, to call out and recognize those among you who have earned the Arrow of Light, and are ready to cross over into Boy Scouting. Brother Kitchkinet, you will find those who have earned the right to wear the Arrow of Light and bring them before me.

(Kitchkinet escorts the Webelos to the front and arranges them in a line, and then waits after all of the Webelos have been brought forward while the Cubmaster reads the names of the Webelos.)

KITCHKINET: I am Kitchkinet, the friend and guide of our Lodge. In the past, you have advanced up the trail of Cub Scouting. With the help of your parents and leaders, you have earned the highest honor and rank of the Webelos Scouts, the Arrow of Light. The arrow is a fitting symbol of the lessons you have learned and the skills you have mastered. The arrow flies swiftly through the air straight to the center of the target. So, also, will you travel to success in life if you follow the lessons taught to you by your leaders.

ALLOWAT: The arrow is not merely a symbol of your past success, but also a guide, pointing your way to future adventures further up the Scouting trail. Because your parents have always stood beside you and helped you, it is appropriate that they should be with you as you receive this award. Would the parents of the Webelos Scouts please come forward and stand behind your sons.

(Parents come forward. Webelos are given mother's pin and parents are given Arrow of Light award.)

ALLOWAT: Webelos, your parents have stood with you. They have worked for you in health, nursed you in sickness, guided your thoughts and actions, and helped you in untold ways. They have been a strength to lean on, someone to turn to in times of trouble and for help. Your home's influence will last throughout your life. You will now pin the mother's pin on your mother.

(Webelos presents mother's pin.)

ALLOWAT: Parents, your sons have worked diligently. They stand here tonight because they have learned the lessons that you and their Webelos Leaders had to teach them. I ask you to present your son with the Arrow of Light award now, in token of your determination to continue to teach and guide your son in the years ahead.

(Parents present Arrow of Light to Webelos)

ALLOWAT: Parents and Webelos, you may be seated.

(Waits for people to be seated) Webelos learn many lessons. They learn how to work and play together. They learn something about the world they live in, and some of the skills which will be useful to them later in life. Now the time for some Webelos to move on to new challenges has arrived.

KITCHKINET: Will the following Webelos Scouts please come forward. (Cubmaster reads names and gives each Webelos a green candle)

KITCHKINET: You are about to cross over the bridge into Boy Scouting. In Boy Scouting, you will follow the ideals of the Scout Law. Before you take this step and begin to climb up a new trail, listen first to the wisdom of the winds.

(Each of the four winds comes forward, in turn, to speak with the Webelos.)

EAST: I am the spirit of the east wind. I represent the common law, your duty to God and to country,

trustworthy, loyal, and helpful are the qualities which a man must possess who lives by the laws and rules of this land. See that we do not lose this blessing of the lawful land.

WEST: As the spirit of the west wind, I represent the law of humanity, your duty to the country, and others.

Friendly, courteous, and kind are the laws that breath of conscience. They create the atmosphere that comes from within your heart. The desire for you always to be a friend to those of all ages, young and old alike. Courteous to those who pass along your trail. Cast away the harmful spirit of unfriendliness and selfishness.

SOUTH: I am the spirit of the south wind. I represent the civil law, your duty to others and to self.

Obedient, cheerful, and thrifty. A life of cheerful obedience is necessary for the development of a true citizen. Obedience is something everyone has to learn - to take orders and carry them out cheerfully.

Real thrift means spending your time, money, and energy wisely, and sharing with those less fortunate.

NORTH: I am the spirit of the north wind, the most powerful of all. I represent the divine law. Brave, clean, and reverent. To be brave is to put the needs of others ahead of your own, even when the risk and cost to yourself is great. To be clean in body and soul with reverence in your heart is to ensure that you follow the true path and will not be led astray. Cast from your mind and body any evil spirit that tries to weaken or destroy the divine law. Live a life of reverence. Be brave and clean.

ALLOWAT: Webelos, you have heard the wisdom of the winds. Do you promise to do your best to live up to these ideals?

(Waits for Webelos to nod)

The time has come for you to cross over into Boy Scouting. Light the new flame of Scouting from the Cub Scout candle your Cubmaster is holding.

(Waits while candles are lit.)

As you begin to climb a new trail, remember the fun you have shared with each other in Cub Scouting, and remember the wisdom of the winds.

(The four winds approach one at a time.)

EAST: Remember the common law: Trustworthy, loyal, helpful.

WEST: Remember the law of equity: Friendly, courteous, kind.

SOUTH: Remember the civil law: Obedient, cheerful, thrifty.

NORTH: Remember the divine law, the most powerful of all: Brave, clean, reverent.

ALLOWAT: The time has come. Cross the bridge, and enter the new world of Boy Scouting.

(Webelos cross bridge and are welcomed by Scoutmaster)

KITCHKINET: Scoutmaster (name) will lead you in the Scout Oath and welcome you into Boy Scouting.

(Waits for Scout Oath)

ALLOWAT: The time has come for us to continue our journey. We trust that you will remember the things which you have learned, and continue to build your knowledge in the future as you climb the Scouting trail. It is our hope that one day we may welcome you at the summit of the trail when you attain the rank of Eagle.

ALLOWAT: Brother Kitchkinet, will you now close this gathering.

KITCHKINET: We must leave you now to continue upon our journey. May you climb high mountains and never grow weary; may you find the true path so that others may follow; may the snow of winter never chill the fire of cheerfulness within you, and may the stream's quiet laughter fill your heart with peace. Klahowya.

(Ceremonialist leave, Kitchkinet first, next to the four winds and any extras (torchbearers, drummers, etc.)

and finally Allowat.)