Graduation From Pack To Troop
Posted On: 2021-07-14

The whole ceremony, as presented here, has been made informal, with the idea that those taking part will use their own words. This merely suggests what packs can work up for themselves.

Cubmaster, denner, den chief, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, Webelos Scout, and his parents.

Electric campfire, graduation certificate.

The lights are dimmed. The artificial fire is lit at one end of the room. The Cub Scouts are called together in a formation that will make the ceremony easy to conduct (square or half-circle).

The denner brings forward the graduating Webelos Scout(s).

Cubmaster: Friends and parents, Webelos Scout [name] is ready to graduate into the Boy Scout troop. [Name], you have looked forward to this for 4 years. You have been a good Cub Scout, and a good Webelos Scout, and we know you will be a good Boy Scout. We are all proud of you.

Denner: [Name], the members of Den [number] are happy to see you graduate into the Boy Scout troop. We don't feel bad about your going because soon we will all be Boy Scouts, maybe even in the same patrol. (The denner leads the den in a yell for the departing Webelos Scout.)

Den Chief: There are two things, [name]. First, I want to tell you that I have enjoyed my association with you in Den [number], and second, Fm glad to welcome you to Troop [number], where we will be able to keep on doing things together.

Cubmaster: (Presents graduation certificate to the graduate.) Scoutmaster, we now present to you and Troop [number] Webelos Scout [name], who is eager to be a Boy Scout. We recommend him highly. He has been a fine member of our pack.

Scoutmaster: [Name], on behalf of Troop [number], I want to welcome you into the great Scouting brotherhood. The boys tell me that you have been asked to join the [name] Patrol, so I would like to have you meet [name], who will be your patrol leader.

Patrol Leader: There are already two Boy Scouts in our patrol who were in your den. They are fine Boy Scouts and we are glad to welcome another graduate of Den [number]. We hope there will soon be more of you. We are having a meeting of our patrol [day, time, and place], and we would like to have you attend.

Cubmaster: (Asks the parents of the graduating Webelos Scout to come forward.) Friends, we of the pack wish to congratulate you upon the graduation of your son. You have done much to keep him interested and happy in Cub Scouting, and we appreciate it. I would like to have you meet the Scoutmaster. (Introduces the Scoutmaster to the parents. The pack forms a circle around the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and graduate.)

In Boy Scouting, you will have the Scout Oath and Law to guide you, but as you leave us to follow the trail through Scouting, we would like you to renew with us the Cub Scout Promise. (The whole group repeats the promise. The circle then breaks to let the Scoutmaster and graduate out, and re-closes around the Cubmaster. The group faces the graduate and gives the Cub Scout salute. The entire group shouts, "Do Your Best!")