Closing Graduation
Posted On: 2021-06-25

When using this closing, care must be taken that the Webelos Scouts are helped to make the transition into Boy Scouting.

Cubmaster; graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents; color guard; all boys in the pack.

Colors; graduation certificates.

Cubmaster: Our closing this evening will be, very special. Webelos Scouts, please stand at attention in front of your chairs. Tonight we mark a great occasion, the graduation of Webelos Scouts from our pack. We are sad to see them leave because they have been a great credit to our pack, but we are happy for them because they are going on to the great adventure of Boy Scouting. They have worked hard for this night and have advanced well. We hope you won't forget us; for as leaders, we will not forget any of you great Webelos Scouts. As you continue in Boy Scouting, we ask you not to forget the fun you have had and the many things you have learned as Cub Scouts. We also invite you to return to Pack [number] in the near future as den chiefs.

The color guard will please form in the center of the room. All Cub Scouts and parents, relatives, and guests, please join the color guard.

As your name is called, you and your parents will please walk through the Cub Scout ranks and through the color guard to receive your graduation certificates.

(With ceremony, presents each boy and his parents with his graduation certificate.)

Cubmaster: Graduating Webelos Scouts, please pass by your friends as you leave tonight and tell them goodbye.