Witness Their Accomplishments
Posted On: 2021-06-02


(This ceremony can be performed either at a council fire or at a pack meeting. The Master of Ceremonies is in the center with the Arrow of Light Props.

The Master of Ceremonies begins: Will Webelos Scouts (Names each Scout) and their parents come forward. (Form to each side of Cubmaster)

These Scouts from our Webelos Patrol have brought honor to our pack as they have walked the Cub Scouting Trail together on their way to the highest and most sought-after award in Cub Scouting, The Arrow of Light.

Listen as we tell you what they have accomplished.

(Lights are turned down or out at this point in time. As each of the following seven statements is made a Scout will come forward and place one of the seven rays (candle) of the Arrow of light on the arch, says his part, and then sits down)

First is the Bobcat Scout, the beginner. He must learn to live by the Cub Scout Promise, the Motto, and the Law of the Pack. (Pause)

Next comes the Wolf Cub Scout. He must learn about his country, and its flag, tools, and knots, and safety. (Pause)

The Bear Cub Scoutmasters increasingly more difficult tasks to increase his scouting knowledge and skill. (Pause)

The Cub Scout is honored for his ambition and hard work with Gold Arrow Points as he completes additional projects.


Only Cub Scouts having the highest ability and interest earn Silver Arrow Points for their hard work. (Pause)

The Webelos Scout prepares himself for the grand adventure that will open to each Cub Scout when he becomes a Boy Scout. (Pause)

The Activity Badges a Webelos Scout earns introduces him to the trail of merits he must follow on the trail of the Eagle.

("Candle" Scouts sit down).

(Master of Ceremonies turns toward Webelos Scouts and says:) Webelos Scouts, please give the Boy Scout Sign and hold it up as I ask you the following questions:

Do you promise to obey the Scout Oath? If you do, please say the oath together.

Do you promise to be forever trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent? If you do, say I promise:

Do you promise to always be prepared and to do a good deed daily? If you do, say I promise.

Do you promise to follow the trail of the Eagle and set an example for others in your Pack to follow? If you do, say I promise.

I call upon all present to witness the accomplishments of these Webelos Scouts gathered around our council fire. Let the light of the arrow shine forth and accept these boys as Arrow of Light Scouts.

(At this point the arrow of light will be brought forth to be placed on the stand of the arrow of light.)

Arrow of Light Scouts, before you, is the Arrow of Light. Let its light shine forth from each of you in all that you do. Will each parent please pin upon his boy the Arrow of Light badge and will each boy give his parent a big hug and kiss for their support and help. (Webelos leaders give awards to each parent and then in turn to their sons).

(If Master of Ceremonies is not Cubmaster he will then say,) And now our Cubmaster will present to each Arrow of Lighter a ceremonial arrow (or some other special award if desired).

It is an honor for me to recognize these Webelos Scouts by presenting to each of them this arrow which has recorded on it their achievements in the same way Indian Chiefs of Old used to recognize worthy braves in their tribes. This arrow symbolizes your accomplishments as a Scout in Pack _____. Keep this arrow to remind you of the good times you have had with us. When you choose a Boy Scout Troop, show this arrow to your new Scoutmaster as proof of your worthiness to become a Boy Scout.

(Call each Scout forward, congratulate each, and present each an arrow. The Cubmaster concludes the AOL ceremony with the following statement.)

Soon these Scouts will graduate from our Pack to a Scout Troop and will go on to greater adventures. The light of the arrow is the light of the spirit of scouting that the great Father of all Scouts has placed inside of every Scout.

Let all members of our Scouting family, Scouts, and adults, come forward and let these Arrow of Lighters know how proud we are of them tonight.

This concludes our Arrow of Light Ceremony.




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