Webelos Arrow Of Light Candle Lighting
Posted On: 2021-06-02


PERSONNEL: Akela, Arrow of Light Award Candidate and parents, two Webelos Scouts.

EQUIPMENT: Arrow of Light Ceremonial Board, four red candles, three White candles, Arrow of Light Award Certificate, straight pins.

ARRANGEMENT: Akela and two Webelos Scouts stand at the left of candles, Candidate, and parents at right.

1ST. WEBELOS: (lights four red candles) The four red candles represent Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Scout. The Arrow of Light means progress along the trail from Bobcat cub Scout to Scout -- the trail to good citizenship. That is why the Arrow of Light was chosen as the award for the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

2ND WEBELOS (Lights white candles): Webelos means, We'll be loyal Scouts." Loyalty is one of the important things a Cub Scout stands for. He is loyal to his God, his country, and his home.

AKELA : (To Arrow of Light Candidate) (Name), will you give me the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise. (He does so.) To you, I give the Arrow of Light Award and Certificate to present to your son. The badge is worn on his Cub Scout uniform -- centered on the left shirt pocket. He may also wear it on his Scout uniform when he joins a troop.

(Parent pins badge on the uniform.)

I salute you, (Name), as a qualified Webelos Scout. May you soon know the adventures of a Scout. 

(Give handshake to Webelos, shakes hands with parents.)