We'll Be Loyal Scouts
Posted On: 2021-06-02

Cubmaster, Webelos den leader, Webelos den chief, Arrow of Light Award candidates and their parents, and the pack.

Arrow of Light Awards, advancement certificates, and safety pins.


Cubmaster: Tonight we are assembled to honor those Webelos Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light Award. Webelos has a wonderful meaning - We'll be loyal Scouts. The Arrow of Light is the highest rank a Cub Scout can reach. So, it is an honor tonight to present the Arrow of Light Award to these Webelos Scouts. We are striving to make it possible for every Cub Scout to attain this rank before he leaves the pack to go into Boy Scouting. These Webelos Scouts have brought honor to the Webelos tribe. They have diligently climbed the Cub Scouting trail. They are now ready to go on to a bigger adventure in the great brotherhood of Scouting. Webelos Den Chief [name], will you escort [names of Arrow of Light candidates] and their parents to the front. (He does so.) The parents will please stand behind their boys. Webelos Den Leader [name], you have had much to do with the progress of these Webelos Scouts. Do you think them worthy of the Webelos tribe?


Webelos Den Leader: We consider them worthy.


Cubmaster: Den Chief, are they worthy?


Den Chief: They are.


Cubmaster: Parents, you have played the most important part in developing the character of these candidates. One of the greatest purposes of Cub Scouting is to develop comradeship between parents and sons. As you have worked together your Webelos Scouts have learned to do things, to be useful, and to appreciate you. To you should go the honor of presenting your sons their awards. Our Webelos den leader will give the awards and certificates to you for presentation to your sons. Will the candidates face their parents? (Webelos den leader presents certificates, awards, and safety pins to parents. The parents then pin the awards on their boys and congratulate them.)





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