These Seven Yellow Bands
Posted On: 2021-06-02


EQUIPMENT: Cubmaster dressed as Akela Indian Chief. A blue arrow shaft with 7 yellow bands or strips around it.

AKELA: I have summoned before the pack tonight to pay honor to one of our Webelos Scouts. Will Webelos Scout (name) please bring his parents before Akela. We honor tonight with the highest award in Cub Scouting; The Arrow Of Light.

This arrow represents the Arrow Of Light. Its shaft is straight and true; to remind us a Scout is to be straight and true in keeping his promises. The feathers on this arrow help guide it on it's course; just as the ideals of Cub Scouting guide a boy in his course of life. The color of the arrow symbolizes loyalty.

A Cub Scout's uniform is blue to remind him to be loyal to his country. These seven yellow bands around the shaft represent the seven virtues of life. The seven virtues of life are WISDOM, COURAGE, JUSTICE, SELF CONTROL, FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE. If a boy learns these virtues and applies them in his life, then in his life he will grow to be a happy man.

As we award them with this Arrow of Light tonight, we will also give him this arrow as a reminder of Cub Scouting. To remember the ideals he has learned as a Cub Scout, and remain straight and true as he grows to manhood.