These Seven Virtues
Posted On: 2021-05-29


PERSONNEL: Arrow of Light candidates and parents, Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Committee personnel, Den Chiefs (as required).

EQUIPMENT: Arrow of Light prop, seven candles in holders plus seven on the prop (or use electrical Christmas candles and turn bulb just enough to not light), Arrow of Light badges, and pins.

ARRANGEMENT: Arrow of Light prop is on a table at center stage, Cubmaster is standing beside the table, other leaders are off stage, room lights are dim and a single candle is lit and on the table near the prop.

CUBMASTER: Will the following Webelos Scouts and their parents please come forward. (Webelos and parents advance and stand at the opposite side of the table from Cubmaster.)

Before you is the Arrow of Light emblem. The seven torches you see represent the rays of the Arrow of Light and remind us of the seven virtues of life. We should practice these each day.

ASST. CM.:(Lights first candle) Wisdom. Having wisdom doesn't just mean that a person is smart. It means that he uses what he knows to live better.

WEB. DL. : (Lights second candle) Courage. This means more than not being afraid of danger. You must meet danger in spite of your fears.

WEB. DC.: (Lights third candle) Temperance. This means knowing when you've had enough of anything. When to stop eating, playing, and even working too much.

D. LEADER: (Lights fourth candle) Justice. Justice means to be fair and a good sport with others we play and work with regardless of their race, color or religion.

C. CHMN.: (Lights fifth candle) Faith. Faith is belief in God, heaven, and things we cannot see but know are there.

ADV. CHMN.: (Lights sixth candle) Hope. Hope means looking forward to things you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow but strive to make them happen today.

A LEADER: (Lights seventh candle) Love. Love of family, home, fellowman, God, and country. Their loves are important for a full and happy life.

CUBMASTER: You will find if you live by these seven virtues, you will be happier. It is my pleasure to present your parents with the Arrow of Light badge to present to your son. This is the only badge you can wear on your uniform as long as you are in Scouting. 




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