The Pursuit Of The Arrow Of Light
Posted On: 2021-05-29


Since Webelos is a 2-year program, our 4th graders are not actually graduating to a new rank. That does not, however, diminish the importance of the transition they are making here tonight. These Scouts have worked hard throughout the year, and have earned their Webelos Badge. They are now ready to begin their final journey in Cub Scouting, pursuing the Arrow of Light. The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn, and the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

Webelos Scouts of ________________ Patrol, would you each place your hand on this arrow.

This arrow symbolizes the Arrow of Light, which you will pursue in the coming year. The shaft of the arrow represents your lives - straight and true to the Cub Scout Promise. The arrow is fletched with three feathers, which help to guide the arrow as it flies through the air.

These feathers symbolize the three guiding factors in your lives. This feather represents your spirit to follow your

dreams and realize your goals. The second feather represents your parents, who are the strongest guiding force in your lives. The final feather represents the leaders of this Pack. We work together with you and your parents in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

As your leader, I challenge you to pursue the Arrow of Light badge with the same zeal and determination that you have displayed in pursuit of the Webelos Badge, and all other ranks and honors you have earned.

The Webelos then says: "I promise to Do My Best!"

I got a real wooden arrow from the scrap pile of a local archery shop. A dressed-up dowel rod will work too.

Decorated it with different colors of electrical tape, but paint works too.

The other thing we do is have the Webelos I help with the Bear to Webelos graduation. They are becoming Webelos II now and it helps emphasize that they are now the top dogs, plus it helps make them realize that Boy Scouting is boy run. They do the ceremony welcoming the Bears into the Webelos Den. It goes something like this:

Webelos Leader: Tonight, the Webelos of ______________ Patrol, Pack 151, are prepared to welcome the graduating Bears of Den __ into Webelos.

Webelos: The Bears have spent this year completing 12 of 24 achievements that have expanded their knowledge and skills.

Webelos: They are now beginning their final journey in Cub Scouting. In the Webelos den, they will begin a 2-year program that will prepare them for Boy Scouting.

Webelos: They will work on exciting activity badges in areas such as art, citizenship, communications, athletics, engineering, craftsmanship, first aid, and much more.

Webelos: By the end of the first year, they will follow in our footsteps and earn their Webelos badge and begin pursuit of the Arrow of Light Award.

Webelos: They will begin to study the Boy Scout requirements, and they will welcome the next group of Bears advancing on to Webelos.

Webelos: We, the Webelos of Den _____, want to welcome you to Webelos, and present you with your Webelos Scout Book.

Webelos: The Spirit of Scouting burns bright in these Bears, and they bring with them into the Webelos Den their burning desire for knowledge and skill. Please join us in welcoming them as Webelos Scouts.




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