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The Arrow Of Light Comes Out Of The Sun

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AKELA: Medicine man, I understand there are those amongst us tonight who have earned the highest honor in our Webelos tribe. Tell me by what name is this honor called.

MEDICINE MAN: Akela, it is known by the name "Arrow of Light".

AKELA: Present the candidates to this council for proper recognition.

MEDICINE MAN: Will the following Webelos Scouts and their parents please come forward. (Read names from list).

CHIEF: Webelos Scouts, you have fulfilled all the requirements for the Arrow of Light award. This is your last step in Cub Scouting before crossing the bridge into Boy Scouts. Be proud in your accomplishments. Before you, are the burning candles representing the ranks for Cub Scouting. You will notice that there is still one candle unlit, that of the Arrow of Light. I now ask a mighty brave to light this last candle. (As a brave lights the candle, continue reading)

The arrow of Light comes out of the sun,

It shows the Cub Scout race you have run,

Good Cub Scouts and Webelos you have been,

Always Akela's true friend,

Now you'll find Scouting real fun,

As you cross the bridge into the sun.

CHIEF: May it always be said of you as a brave of our tribe of Webelos that you reach the top of any ladder of achievement set before you. You are soon to go into Boy Scouts. There to be tested again.

May you ever be successful. Having been bestowed the highest honor of your Webelos tribe, will you forever "Do Your Best"?

MEDICINE MAN: I now call upon our mighty brave to shoot from his long bow the "Arrow of Light", signifying the highest honor that this tribe can bestow on one of its worthy braves. As the Arrow of Light speeds to its target, may you remember that the spirit of Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting are one and the same. The spirit of the entire scouting movement is one of service, high ideals and fellowship.

(Medicine man - Call out names one at a time as arrow goes to the target. A brave will retrieve the arrow from the target and hand it to the candidate.)

CHIEF: It is an honor for me to recognize you for having earned the Arrow of Light award and to present you with these arrows and your badge. May they remind you of the good times you have had together in our Webelos tribe.


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