Pouch Ceremony for Arrow of Light
Posted On: 2021-05-26

"In addition to the Arrow of Light Award, you will also receive a special pouch your Akelas made for you with three items in it.

The first item is a pinch of soil to remind you from where you have come, it is the earth that supports all life. It is your parents who gave you life and it is the many Akelas in your life who have given you love, wisdom, and the knowledge that you now possess.

The second gift in the pouch is a mixture of herbs and spices. It is to remind you of the powers you have within you. If you were asked to name the single most noticeable herb in the mixture, you might each give a different answer. Just as the strongest power within each person is different. Some will make their mark using their intelligence, others by using their hands, others by helping people, and others by using judgment and common sense.

The third gift in the pouch symbolizes the feather of an eagle. It symbolizes that which had been given to eagles since the time of our ancestors, and it is perhaps the most difficult to understand. Like freedom, the eagle had to soar and survey the land beneath him; so too will you have the freedom to choose the goals in your life and pursue them with the eagle's courage. Know who you are, where your powers lie and use them to achieve your goals. You are to soar with the eagles."

In addition, we had the older Webelos II hand down a large arrow to the younger Webelos I Den to pass down their leadership in the pack. The arrow was wall size to display in the den. The pouch this year was made of denim and I placed the dirt and herbs in separate snack-size baggies. You certainly could embellish more with a leather pouch and wrapping the dirt and herbs in leaves, origami pouches, or wax paper tied with thongs.