Indian Arrow Of Light Ceremony
Posted On: 2019-05-24


PERSONNEL: Medicine-man, Akela, Aid

EQUIPMENT: Bells, Council fire

ARRANGEMENT: Lights out, Council fire lit.

MEDICINE-MAN: (Walks up to the fire, raises arms and calls out to Akela to come forth.)

Ha a a a a a ah h h h; Ha a a a a ah h h h; Ha a a a ah h h

AID: Shakes bells.

MEDICINE-MAN: Ha a a a a a ah h h h; Ha a a a a ah h h h; Ha a a a ah h h (Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable)

AKELA: Who summons Akela?

MEDICINE-MAN: I Lone Wolf, medicine-man of the Webelos tribe summon you here tonight.

AID: (shakes bells)

MEDICINE-MAN: We have (#) braves who have proven themselves strong of mind, brave of heart and true of spirit.

AKELA: That is good! But how do you know this to be?

MEDICINE-MAN: These braves have followed the Cub Scouting trail for many moons. They have worked long hours and many days to be here tonight. I... Lone Wolf have seen this.

AKELA: Then so be it, braves of the Webelos tribe.

AID: (Shakes bells)

AKELA: (Walks over to Council fire): Who are these braves that are.... strong of mind.... brave of heart and ... true of spirit..... Let their names be sung in the songs of our tribe.

MEDICINE-MAN: Webelos brave (name) come forward with your parents.

AKELA: I am pleased to present this Arrow of Light award to you with the help of your parents.

(Akela gives award to Scout, Medicine-man gives pin to parent to pin on the Scouts left pocket, Akela gives boy small pin so he can pin it on his mother.)

AKELA: Wear this Arrow of Light with pride, you have worked hard for it. Good luck as you enter Scouting. Remember that a good Scout makes a good citizen.

(Repeat the above for each Scout receiving the award.)




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