I Salute You
Posted On: 2009-11-10

CUBMASTER: Tonight I have the honor of presenting the Arrow of Light to one of our Webelos Scouts. Would (name) and his parents please come forward to receive this award, a Webelos Scout must have passed the following requirements: Been active in the Webelos den for 6 months, have earned the Webelos badge, know the Scout Promise and the Scout Law, give and know the meaning of the Scout Motto, slogan, sign, salute and handshake, know the hurry cases in first aid, have earned a total of seven activity badges, have visited a troop meeting with his den attended an outdoor activity, participated in a father-son overnight or day hike and attended another troop meeting but this time with his parents. Will you now light the awards board in the order of which you have progressed along the Cub Scout trail. From Bobcat to Webelos. Now welcome to the highest award, the Arrow of Light, which you, with the help of your parents, have obtained. So it gives me great pleasure in giving this award to your parents to present to you. Because your parents have helped you along the Cub Scout trail, here are the miniature Arrow of Light pins for you to present to them. I salute you, (name), as a Webelos Scout. You will soon know the adventure of a Boy Scout.


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