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How The Arrow Of Light Came To The People

PARTICIPANTS: Narrator, a number of Braves, Akela (Braves and Akela should be in Indian costume)

SETTING: All lights are turned off except the Spirit Candle and a spotlight on center stage burning. Braves, Akela and Narrator enter and take their places.

NARRATOR: Once many moons ago, a great dark cloud descended on Akela's village. It was so dark that even the noon day sun couldn't shine. The people were very afraid and did not know what to do. Then two young boys who were not yet full braves had an idea. They went to Akela and said:

BRAVE 1: Great Akela, we think we know how to get the sun and the sky back so the green things will grow.

BRAVE 2: We will travel the way of testing to the cave of the great medicine man and bring back the Arrow of Light.

BRAVE 1: With this Arrow, you Great Akela will be able to shoot the arrow into the cloud and to destroy it.

AKELA: The way of testing is very hard. You must learn many new things and earn seven totems before you can enter the cave of the great medicine man. You are young and untested.

BRAVE 1: That is true, but we are not afraid.

BRAVE 2: We will do it. Do not fear!

NARRATOR: So the young braves set out on their journey (Braves go out). After many days and many nights had passed, the people of the village despaired. They feared the braves had failed. But one day, the people heard, out of the darkness, a strange sound. (Braves reenter from back of the room wearing ankle and wrist bells and carrying the Arrow of Light which is lit). The noise came closer and the people could see a light through the darkness. It was the young braves. They had retrieved the Arrow of Light! With this arrow, Akela was able to shoot down the dark cloud and the sun and the light returned.

(Room lights go up)

AKELA: Because these braves have done so well, I declare that they have earned a new, special totem. We will call it the Arrow of Light and all braves who work hard and learn our laws and pass the seven trials will also earn it. It will be our most honored totem.

NARRATOR: And that is how the Arrow of Light came to the people.

CUBMASTER: Tonight we have boys who have earned their Arrow of Light. They have earned seven activity badges representing the seven trials of Akela's people and have learned the laws of Scouting.

Would (call boys by name) and their parents please come forward? (Cubmaster should present the awards to the Webelos leader who presents it to the parents.)


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