Posted On: 2021-05-26

There is one insect that is known for its hard work and great contribution to the world, the Honeybee. Honeybees live in large groups. Each of the honeybees has its own job which benefits the entire hive. There are queens and drones responsible for laying eggs.

Some gather nectar and pollen. Others feed and care for the young bees, make wax to build up the honeycomb. Many have the job of fanning their wings to circulate fresh air and keep the hive at a comfortable temperature. Others act as guards and are ready to fight off dangers to the hive. The bees spend their lives working hard, cooperating, and helping others. In order for a hive to thrive, each must do as the Cub Scouts and "Do Your Best." would you please bring your parents forward.

________ has been as busy as a bee. He has worked hard and gone above and beyond the requirements of a Webelos. He has worked within his Webelos Den and learned well. He has benefited the entire group - our Pack -just as the bee does for his hive.

Tonight we would like to present him with his Arrow of Light and challenge him to continue following the scouting ideals.

"Bee" sure to Do Your Best

"Bee" kind to others at all times

"Bee" willing to help others

"Bee" grateful for the country that you live in

"Bee" willing to stand up for what you believe in

"Bee" loyal to God and as the Scout Motto says "Bee" Prepared.




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