His Pocket
Posted On: 2021-05-26


Make a poster strip of each of the Arrow of Light requirements. Make a large pocket and sew it onto a sheet for your props.

We have a lot of uses for pockets. They are great to put things in. We can pull things back out of our pockets and use them as we need them.

Would ______ please come forward with his parents?

_______ has gone through Webelos this year, he has had an opportunity to put many things in his pockets. His pocket isn’t actually a pocket in his jeans or his shirt. This pocket is a special place where he stores his experiences. The things which he has learned in Webelos will be stored in this special place where they can be easily reached when needed to help him in his life. I’ve asked some volunteers to help me show you what he has in his pockets.

(Have members of the pack read the word strips of the Arrow of Light requirements one at a time as they place them in the pocket. After all requirements have been read, present the mother’s pin for her help in filling the boy’s pockets with worthwhile experiences, Reach into the pocket and pull out the Arrow of Light Award.)

We would now like to present you with this highest award in cub scouting - the Arrow of Light. As you wear it, let it be a constant reminder of all the knowledge and experience you have gained as a Webelos. Congratulations.