From Sea To Shining Sea
Posted On: 2021-05-26


We are fortunate to live in this beautiful land of America. We have been blessed with freedoms that others can only dream of. There are great diversities from sea to shining sea. We have mountains and valleys, plains and rivers, and a great mix of landscapes. We have a great blend of people and cultures in our land also. Each person brings with them their own unique abilities, talents, and accomplishments. Tonight we have a Webelos who has covered a lot of territory in scouting. He has earned his Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and has now come to us to receive his Arrow of Light.

Would ____ please come forward with his parents? We would like to thank ‘s parents for being there along his cub scout trek. Thank you for walking beside him and encouraging him.

(Present mother’s pin)

Your course towards Arrow of Light has not always been easy. I’m sure it’s a lot like trying to cover America. Some parts were like walking in a valley or plain and were easy, while others were more like climbing a mountain. They made you work harder and tested your strength and endurance. We’re proud of you for your hard work and would like to now present you with your Arrow of Light.