Career Arrow
Posted On: 2019-05-24

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster as Akela, Boys receiving their Arrow of Light and each-of the boys parents.

EQUIPMENT: Candles, stand for candles, one marked arrow for each boy receiving his Arrow of Light.

After all other awards have been given, dim the lights and light the candies on the stand.

**Akela takes out one arrow, explains the markings on it, then asks "Who does this belong to"? The boy's parents stand and say, "Akela, that is my son's arrow. I know because I helped him up the trail to the Arrow of Light".

AKELA: "What is your name"?

PARENTS: "Mr. and Mrs. __________ (or whatever is appropriate).

AKELA: "Who is your son"?

PARENTS: "_________ " (Gives son's name).

AKELA: "Come forward with your son". (if there is more than one boy receiving his Arrow of Light, repeat the above for each boy.)

As they come forward and stand before Akela, he presents the Arrow to each boy, congratulates him and says, (from the back of the Arrow card), "Now, (Cub Scout's name , (give other boys' names also when appropriate), you hold the highest award in the Cub Scouting Program. You are now ready, for a great adventure as a Boy Scout. Hiking, camping, and advancement along the Eagle Trail are waiting for you after you join your Troop. BE PREPARED!!!

Akela then shakes each boy's hand who has received the Arrow of Light, and congratulates him. Turn to the audience and have them give him (them) a HUGE round of applause for their great accomplishment.

Explanation of markings:

The YELLOW mark tells me that this boy has competed his Bobcat requirements.

The RED mark means that he has completed his Wolf, after that red mark there is a gold and _____ silver arrow points that he earned as a Wolf. (Fill in as necessary.)

The GREEN mark shows that he gained his Bear rank and after that green mark he again earned, a gold and _______silver arrow points . (Fill in as necessary.)

Next he joined a Webelos Den and earned _______ Webelos Activity Pins shown here by the ____ black marks; then he earned his Webelos Badge which is marked in BLUE. Then he earned ______Webelos Activity Pins (fill in as appropriate) and now his Arrow of Light is signified by the WHITE marking on the arrow.