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As Akela Grew

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PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Webelos Award candidate(s) and parents.

EQUIPMENT: Graduation Ceremonial Board

CUBMASTER: Tonight we have a special recognition. We have a Webelos Cub Scout who is receiving his Arrow of Light. Would (boy's name) and his parents come forward. (They stand on the right side of Cubmaster) (Cubmaster hands square to Webelos Scout and he puts it in place on ceremonial board.)

As Akela grew in his tribe, he learned the responsibilities he had in the tribe. He learned to be honest in his dealing with the tribe. Like Akela, you learned as Bobcat and Wolf the responsibilities you must have to be in this pack. You learned to be honest with your fellow Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents.

Akela learned to skillfully hunt squirrel, deer, and bear. He learned to find water and food where there seemed to be none. He grew to be tall and strong so that he could walk proud among his people.

(Cubmaster gives light to Webelos scout and he puts it in place.)

Like Akela, you were given light, or knowledge, from your leaders. Akela learned many things from his Mother. You have learned many things from your Den Leaders (give den leader's name.)

As Akela grew in age and stature, he was turned over to warrior scouts to be trained and disciplined to become one of them, a warrior scout. So too, you were presented to the Webelos leaders and became a Webelos Scout. In Webelos, you learned more about Scouting skills and how to control, your emotions. You learned the true meaning of the word "Webelos-We'll Be Loyal Scouts".

(Give "W" to Webelos Scout and have him put it in place.)

Akela was sent out in the wild country to prove to the tribe that he was worthy to be a warrior scout.

He was sent out for three moons by himself with nothing but clothes, knife, bow and arrows. He was able to conquer the hardships he faced in the wilds. When he came back, he was made a warrior, standing next to his father, "Arrow of Light."

You are now receiving your Arrow of Light Award, and your testing just begins. For now you are leaving Cub Scouting and are going into Boy Scouting. You'll find it fun and exciting, but you'll also find it rough and tough. Good luck from us in the pack and may you become a successful Eagle Scout.

(Cub Scouts form circle around graduate and give him the grand howl.)

(Cubmaster presents gift to Scout and the award to parents. He then takes the scout to the bridge and presents him to the Scoutmaster.) Include the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader from the troop the Webelos will be going into to accept him as he "walks across the bridge of accomplishment and graduation!! 


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