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Arrow Of Light And Graduation Ceremony

NOTE: Ideally, this ceremony should be performed in an outdoor campfire setting; for example, at a pack picnic. This allows for a more natural feel as well as for the use of torches, firepots, and other "special effects". If an indoor setting is preferred by the pack, candles should be used in place of smudgepots. Either the team or the Pack can provide the tokens called for in the ceremony. The team should have something prepared in case the Pack doesn't (an arrow with a felt banner, leather thong bolo, etc.). The team needs to make sure (via the Webelos leader) that the Cubs participating in the ceremony know and can recite the Scout Oath and Law as they are called upon to say both in the ceremony.

When performing the speaking parts, memorization is important, but also try to become familiar enough with the part so the words come out naturally. 

Also, since this ceremony doesn't tie in with any Order of the Arrow induction ceremony, sashes should NOT be worn.

Arrow of Light Ceremony

(The three principles (Chief, Medicine Man, Guide) enter from the rear and take their positions: Chief at the North, Medicine Man at the West and Guide at the east.)

CHIEF: (pausing for a moment to look out among the pack)

Cub Scouts, leaders, parents and guests; my brothers, Weuchsowagam, the Medicine Man, Witschindin, the Guide, and I, Takachsin, the Chieftain, bring you greetings and salutations. We have come before you tonight to fulfill a prophecy spoken in the legends of our tribe.

MEDICINE MAN: The words of the prophecy say that in the springtime of each year, young braves will be found who have met the challenges of Akela and are ready to become warriors. My brothers and I have watched your pack and have found such braves among you. We have come to present them with the highest honor: the Arrow of light. But before this can happen, they must take a journey through their memories.

GUIDE: Many moons ago, you entered the Cub Pack. The first challenges you encountered were from the Bobcat clan. As you met them, you learned what it means to be a Cub, the Law of the Pack, and the three words that would inspire you to meet all other challenges: Do Your Best.

(Light firepot or candle)

Having started on the trail, you next sought to join the Wolf clan. Here you were met with twelve challenges, harder than the Bobcat tests, But with the cleverness of the Wolf itself, you met them and continued on your journey.

(Light firepot or candle)

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