The Cub Scout Computer Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-13

Make a computer from a cardboard box. Have a slot in the screen so that cardboard sheets with Cub Scout rank stickers pasted on can be displayed on the screen.

Equipment: Cardboard computer with changeable rank cards for the screen.


Cubmaster, boys receiving advancement awards and their parents. Place the awards behind the computer.

CUBMASTER: (typing data into the computer, then putting Wolf insignia decal on screen.) I see that the computer lists several Cub Scouts who have earned their Wolf Badges. They are (reads names). Would they please come to the computer station with their parents?

Speaks briefly about their accomplishments in earning the Wolf badge, then gives the parents badges to pin on the boys' shirts.)

Follow similar procedures to award Wolf points, Bear badges and arrow points, and Webelos activity badges. Change rank decals on the screen for each rank.



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