Viking Hunters
Posted On: 2021-03-13


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, and any other pack committee member

EQUIPMENT: 2 Viking hunter costumes

SETTING: The two leaders walk through the pack while talking.

CUBMASTER: I'm going on a (bear or wolf) hunt.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: For a big (bear or wolf)?

CUBMASTER: No, not in size, but big in ideals.


CUBMASTER: Yes, but I am looking for a Cub, and you may have to help me with his parents.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: OK, but are they dangerous?

CUBMASTER: No, but they are smart.


CUBMASTER: Well, you see, they have taught the Cub many things.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: Oh, you mean they are wise.

CUBMASTER: Yes. (Quietly) I think I see him. Yes, that's him. I'll get the Cub, you get his parents.

(They escort the boys and parents forward.)

COMMITTEE MEMBER: Wait a minute. These aren't wild animals!

CUBMASTER: I never said I was going after wild animals. This is (name), and he has completed twelve very exciting achievements.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: Congratulations, (name). I see you have done a fine job.

CUBMASTER: Yes, he has done a fine job indeed, but he had help at home from his family. Before we give out this badge, I would like to say thanks to his family for helping him grow.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: Are these his parents?


COMMITTEE MEMBER: Fellow parents, would you present your son with his (wolf or bear) badge.

CUBMASTER: You are all indeed like a (wolf or bear). You have shown yourself to be keen of eye and spirit. Go forth and continue to grow.