The Fourth Bead Den Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-13


Cub Scouts who have completed 12 achievements and earned the Wolf or Bear rank receive their badges at a pack ceremony. But it's a good idea to recognize them in the Den too, with a simple ceremony as soon as they finish the 12th achievement.

PERSONNEL: Den Leader, advancing Cub Scout.

EQUIPMENT: Bead from Immediate Recognition Kit.

DEN LEADER: Today (Name of Cub) gets his fourth bead for passing three more achievements for Wolf (or bear) rank. Do you know what that means? It means that he has finished all 12 achievements for Wolf (or Bear). At our next Pack meeting, he'll get his new badge I think that's great! He'll wear his new Wolf (or Bear) badge on his left shirt pocket.

(attach a bead to the thong of Progress Toward Ranks patch).

Keep working on advancement, (Name the Cub). That's the way you'll have the most fun in our Den and Pack. Let's see you other Cubs keep advancing, too. Congratulations!