Pass The Bead - Den Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-13


PERSONNEL: Cub Scouts and Den Leader

EQUIPMENT: Instant Recognition Beads

ARRANGEMENT: Everyone stands in a circle, the Cub receiving the beads stands to the left of the Den Leader.

The Den Leader gives the bead to the Cub Scout on her right who passes it along to the boy standing on his right. Pass the bead from boy to boy until the recipient is holding the bead.

DEN LEADER: What do you have in your hand, (name)?

CUB SCOUT: A yellow Wolf (or red Bear) achievement bead.

DEN LEADER: Why are you getting the bead?

CUB SCOUT: (Explains the three achievements he has completed. )

EVERYONE: Hip, Hip, Hooray (name)

This ceremony will inspire the other Cub Scouts at a time when they would be most receptive to the ideas as to how to complete the same achievements for themselves.)




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