Wolf Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-12


This ceremony begins with the beating of the ceremonial drum by the Cubmaster.  Akela approaches the campfire from the center aisle so that all present can see his regalia.

Akela: Why do you sound the ceremonial drum?

CM: Because we have boys who seek the fun of Cub Scouting.

Akela: Have these boys been properly prepared?

Akela: Bobcats on the wolf trail, you wear the blue uniform and gold neckerchief.  From the Wolf we learn the language of the ground, we learn to follow the tracks of other animals, and we learn the ways of the food of the forest.  The wolf is a survivor, living in the hot desert as well as the freezing Arctic.  Wolf Scouts of den(s)(________), you have completed the wolf trail, and we honor you tonight for this achievement.

Arrow Points:

CA: Today we are pleased to present arrow points to some Wolf Scouts too.   These Scouts have continued on the Wolf Trail earning Wolf arrow points.

(List boys earning Wolf arrow points)

CM: It is my pleasure to award (Scout's name) his gold arrow point and (quantity) silver arrow points.

CM: Pack ___, would you please join with me in congratulating these Wolf Cubs by giving them a "Grand Howl" cheer?




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