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Wolf Advancement Ceremony #2


The setting is a pack council at Council Rock. The Wolf Den Leader petitions the council to admit the cubs to the Clan of the Wolf. The council consists of pack leaders (other den leaders, coaches, and committee members who are hopefully in uniform). The purpose of the ceremony is to highlight this first, difficult step towards earning the Arrow of Light and becoming a Boy Scout. The basic Wolf requirements are explained briefly, to show the members of the audience what was required, and to highlight to the cubs just how much they accomplished. The ceremony emphasizes the fact that the Wolf badge is the second step on a journey that culminates with earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Cast of Characters:

Cubmaster (CM)

Wolf Den Leader (WDL)

Pack Leaders (PL1..n) Parts are written for four pack leaders, but only two are really necessary.

Props, Staging:

A candle holder with a candle for each rank. We use a hiking staff with all of the rank medallions to symbolize the journey of advancement. Our staff includes all of the Cub Scout ranks as well as all of the Boy Scout ranks.

>CM: I have been informed that some wish to be admitted to the Clan of the wolf. Decisions such as this require consent of the pack council. As Akela, I ask the council members to please come forward at this time.

> (Pack Leaders, except Wolf Den Leader, come forward and arrange themselves on either side of the Cubmaster).

>CM: Would the Wolf Den Leader please escort the candidates forward.

>(The Wolf Den Leader and the wolf candidates step forward).

>WDL: Akela and council members, _____ (list boy’s names) have completed the requirements for membership in the Clan of the Wolf, and I petition the council on their behalf to grant their request.

>CM (speaking to the candidates): When you entered the clan of the Bobcat, you demonstrated that (Cubmaster lights the candle symbolizing the Bobcat rank). The requirements for the Clan of the Wolf are much more difficult which are grouped into four areas: Duty to God, Duty to Country, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self. (Cubmaster lights the candle symbolizing the Wolf rank). Does any member of the council wish at this time to examine the candidates?

>PL1: Wolf Den Leader, what did the candidates do for Duty to God?

>WDL: The cubs discussed their duty to God with their parents, then together discovered ways to demonstrate their religious beliefs and help their religious institutions.

>PL1: Thank you.

>PL2: And what of Duty to Country?

>WDL: The cubs gave and explained the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, demonstrated how to fold the flag properly, led a flag ceremony for the den or pack, and explained how to respect and care for the flags of the U.S. and their state.

>PL2: Yes, I remember the flag ceremonies. Thank you.

>PL3: And for Duty to Others?

>WDL: For these requirements, “others” includes family members and the community in which they live. They were required to help plan and prepare family meals, plan family activities, and help with family chores. They learned about what to do when someone calls at the door or on the phone while they are alone, and how to secure the family home when they leave. They also help conduct safety and fire prevention inspections in and around the home. For the community, they were required to learn about conservation efforts within their community, including ways the environment can become dirty and ways that we use to clean it. They learned about recycling and ways to save energy. They were required to pick up litter.

>(PL3 nods and looks towards Akela).

>PL4: Wolf Den Leader, what requirements were met for Duty to Self?

>WDL: Duty to Self included feats of skill and athletic ability, health, nutrition, safety, and learning to use basic tools to make something useful. They also learned about mental well-being through hobbies and games. Finally, they learned how to choose correctly in certain ethical and personal situations.

>PL4: That last is very important. Knowing how to choose correctly can save their life. Thank you.

>CM: Council, you have asked your questions and have heard the answers. What say you? Do these candidates deserve to be admitted to the clan of the Wolf?

>(In turn, each council member gives their consent).

>CM: Will the parents of ____ (list names) please come forward. 

>(To the candidates): You have demonstrated that you are worthy of becoming members of the Clan of the Wolf. You have taken the second step upon a great journey that will, with perseverance, lead to you to brotherhood with the Eagle that flies high overhead. You should feel proud of your accomplishment, for often the first steps of a journey are the most difficult. You have accomplished much, but you did not do it yourselves. Your parents helped you at each step of the way. I will now present your badges to your parents, so they may present them to you. 

>(To the parents): Please pin these badges on your son’s pockets, right side up.

>(Cubmaster presents the badge to the parents of one boy at a time. After the parent has pinned the badge to the boys pocket, the Cubmaster speaks to the boy)

>CM: Congratulations, (name). Welcome to the Clan of the Wolf. Please present this pin to your mother (or father) in thanks for the help they have given you in this journey.

>(Repeat for each boy)

>(When all of the boys have received their badges...)

>CM: Members of the council, members of the pack, ladies and gentlemen of the audience, I present to you the newest members of the Clan of the Wolf. Please join me in welcoming them.

>(All stand and applaud).


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