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Shere Khan-Wolf Advancement
Posted On: 2009-08-26

Father Wolf, Mother Wolf, 'Shere Khan' man cubs, parents, Akela, Cubmaster.

Large name cards to identify characters, Wolf badges.

Akela: Our scene starts in the cave of Mother Wolf and Father Wolf. Mother Wolf, Father Wolf, and the man cubs have just settled down for the evening. Shere Khan, the tiger, lurks outside. Suddenly the moonlight is blocked by the great head and shoulders of Shere Khan.

Father Wolf: What does Shere Khan want?

Shere Khan: The man cubs. Give them to me.

Father Wolf: The wolves take orders only from Akela, the head of the wolf pack. The man cubs are ours.

Shere Khan: The man cubs are mine-give them to me.

Mother Wolf: The man cubs are ours. They shall not be harmed. They shall live happily, to run and hunt with the pack.

Shere Khan: We will see what the pack will say about this.

Father Wolf: Shere Khan is right. What will the pack say?

Akela: Our scene now shifts to the pack meeting.

Shere Khan: Akela, the man cubs are mine. Give them to me.

Akela: These man cubs have shown themselves worthy of the Wolf rank in our pack. They have learned how to handle tools and how to display the flag; they know how to be healthy and safe. They have learned to serve in the community and to conserve energy. They are physically active and like to read and care for books. They have fun with their families and have collected useful and beautiful things. They obey our country's laws and worship God. The members of the pack want them to have the mark of the Wolf.

(The Cubmaster asks the parents to join their sons. He presents the Wolf badges to the parents, thanking them for working(The Cubmaster asks the parents to join their sons. He presents the Wolf badges to the parents, thanking them for working through these achievements with their Cub Scout sons. The parents then present the badges to their sons.)


Source: Blackhawk Council


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