Advancement Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-12


Props: Cubmaster dressed in a work smock wearing a carpenter's tool belt.  Awards and mother's pins are taped to pieces of wood scraps that are hidden in his tool belt.  Be sure to emphasize the "puns" though out the ceremony.

Cubmaster: Tonight, we have some boys who "saw" the opportunity to "nail down" some advancements.  At times these boys had to keep "hammering" on some of the tougher requirements, but, they kept on "drilling", "curving" and "sanding" and finally "cut" through.  We "wood" like to honor them tonight.

Will Cub Scout      please come forward with his parents?                 has "chiseled" through the requirements for the Wolf badge.  (Cubmaster takes the Wolf award from his tool belt and holds it up.)  We "wood" like to have his parents present him this award.  (Cubmaster hands the award to the parents who present the boy the award.)                                     "wood" you please pin the mother's pin on your mother.

Other "puns" which could be used when making presentations include: "filed", "planed", "sharpened", "glued", "cut", "painted" or any other tool related name or adjective.