The Beginnings Of
Posted On: 2021-03-12


PROPS: Egg, a cup of flour, a package of seeds, a 13-star American flag.

CUBMASTER: (Calls up Cub Scouts to be advanced and his parent(s). He picks up each symbol and explains in his own words how each is the beginning of something very special. The egg of a chicken, the cup of flour is of a cake or cookies, the package of seeds of a great harvest of food from our country. The flag is the beginning of our country. The Cubmaster further explains that each thing by itself cannot produce something else. It must be combined with other things: the egg with the warmth of the hen, the flower with sugar and milk, the seeds with soil, water, and sunshine, the flag with patriotism, sacrifice, and ideals.)

CUBMASTER: There is another special beginning symbol. That of the Bobcat pin. It symbolizes the first step on the Scout trail. And like the other symbols we talked about, it cannot do anything by itself. It must be mixed with a family’s love, a den leader’s care, a personal commitment to the ideal of Scouting, and the friendship of other Scouts.

It is all mixed together; the end result is a strong proud young man. Tonight we want to start several young men on the way to the Scouting ideal. The Bobcat is the beginning of the Scout Trail. It symbolizes the family commitment and the leader's commitment to the future of the wearer. The leaders have committed their time to provide a solid program for the coming year.

Mom and/or Dad it’s time for you to stand by your son also commit to being included in that very special mix called Cub Scouting. Signify your acceptance of this challenge by pinning the Bobcat pin on your son.




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