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Scouting Is Lighting Up The World
Posted On: 2009-08-26

SETTING: World globe on head table, candles around the globe (one for each rank). Room darkened but for one lit candle held by the Assistant Cubmaster.

CUBMASTER: We read about wars every day in the papers. Country against country in all parts of the world. TV shows us daily pictures of these awful happenings. It's dark and unpleasant not what we want for ourselves or our children. Scouting is one thing that helps to bring people together because of its ideals and goals. We tend to think of Cub Scouting as just our pack, our dens and our friends. There are Scouts all over the world, we're just a small part. The assistant Cubmaster holds the Spirit of Scouting candle. He will light the candle of ranks next to the globe. We have ____ boys that have passed the requirements for Bobcat. Will Scout ____ and his parents please come forward. (Awards given to parents, who in turn give to their sons. A candle is lit.)

(This is done for each rank.) Notice how the darkness is going away and how advancing in Scouting is lighting up the world.


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