Parents Pack Cooperation Tripod
Posted On: 2021-03-12

PERSONNEL: Bobcat candidates and parents. Cubmaster.

EQUIPMENT: Three straight tree branches or poles - four to five feet long, a three-foot length of heavy cord; Bobcat badges and cards.

CUBMASTER: (Calls forward. Bobcat candidates and their parents.)

Before you receive your Bobcat badges and registration certificates, I will ask you to repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. Please give the Cub Scout Sign. (Leads candidates in Promise and Law).

Cub Scouts, your parents will be helping you all the way through Cub Scouting, just as they helped you earn your Bobcat badge. So I will ask them to share in this ceremony welcoming your families into the pack by presenting you your first badge and card. (Cubmaster gives parents Bobcat pins and certificates; parents pin badges on boys' uniforms.)

(Cubmaster picks up cord). Boys and parents, pretend that this cord represents the pack.. (Picks up one branch.) This branch represents all you Cub Scouts. (He ties cord to the branch, stands the branch on end, and let's go. It falls.) The Cub Scout does not join the pack all alone.

(Picks up the second branch.) This branch represents our pack and den leaders. (He ties the two branches together at the top, stands them on the floor, and asks one of the new Cub Scouts; "Will these two branches stand up by themselves?")

Cub Scout replies that they will fall over. Cubmaster lets them fall.

Cubmaster - picks up the third branch. This third branch represents your parents. Let's tie it to the other two. (He does so, forming a tripod.) Now we see that it takes all of us - Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents - working together to make our pack go. Take away the parents, the leaders, or you Cub Scouts, and the pack will fall. Let's all remember that and stand together.

We're proud to have each of you in our pack. Congratulations!