New Bobcat Family Induction - Multi-colored candle
Posted On: 2021-03-12

Cubmaster, Bobcat candidates, and parents.

A blue candle for each boy matches for the parents, a candle log with a multicolored (blue, gold, and white) candle in the center, Bobcat badges, safety pins, and a table.

Place the candle log (unlighted), badges, and pins on the table.

Cubmaster: Cub Scouting is an organization that is very special and unique. It is one in which many parents devote their time and talents to provide a program that will aid and guide their sons' growth. As parents work to strengthen Cub Scouting, so Cub Scouting helps to strengthen families.

(The Cubmaster calls forward the boys and their parents. They stand behind the table, facing the audience.)

I call your attention to the multicolored candle in the center of the candle log. The blue and gold stand for Cub Scouting. Blue, like the color of your uniform, stands for truth, love of God, loyalty, and the blue sky. The gold, like that in your neckerchief, stands for sunlight, good cheer, and happiness. In the candle, you will also see white, which represents parents and the important part they play in the Cub Scouting program. Parents, please light a candle for your son, as a symbol of the encouragement and support you will be giving him as he moves along the Cub Scout trail. (They do.) Will you accept the responsibility to participate in den and pack activities, help your son with advancement, and support the pack as much as possible? (Parents answer: "We will.")

Please give a candle to your son to hold in his left hand.

Boys, please raise your right hand in the Cub Scout sign and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise. (They do.)

And now, with your parents guiding your hands, as they will do to help you in Cub Scouting, I will ask that all of you join your individual flames together and light the center candle as a sign that we are all united as members of Pack [number].

(The parents are asked to extinguish the individual candles.)

Parents, we will now ask that you pin the Bobcat badge on your son.

Congratulations, and welcome to our pack!



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